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The year is 3019. Cats have fled the earth due to centuries of canine persecution. The Clawed Aerospace Transport Service was created to continue the long and glorious tradition of delivering tokens of love to the humans who once gave us shelter and sustenance. Do your duty! Fight off the poorly-named Dominion Of Ground coalition and show the humans we have not forgotten the debt we owe!

The location of your mothership is shown by the blue beam of light at the North Pole. The yellow beams are your package destinations. WASD to move, arrow keys to fire. If a D.O.G. ship hits you, it will steal a package and take it down to earth to chew on. You can carry up to 5 packages at a time, and you have to refill at the mothership when you're empty. Each successful delivery gives you extra time for your run.


SpaceCATS.zip 172 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe

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